Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corporate Monopoly on Beauty.

Personally i am a little worried as a consumer that all our favorite brands re becoming one big one! Not only that but the formulas are becoming all the same (bad ) ingredients. the only way you know your product is the fragrance...and lots of it. In 2006 Estee Lauder bought out Bumble and Bumble, the product has never been the same since in my opinion. The quality of the product diminished and the only thing that stayed the same was the image - the one we know and trust is carefully left untouched. The take-over is very quiet and intentional.
The same with Loreal..they just recently purchased the Marshalls beauty supply in the same quiet and intent, im sure any brands that they dont own in the store will be pulled.

So lets break down what they really own....

    Core Brands

  1. According to Estee Lauder's official website, the company's main brands, Estee Lauder and Clinique, produce makeup, fragrance and skincare lines generally aimed toward women. The company's core men's line is Aramis, which produces upscale men's fragrances and grooming products.
  2. Alternative Distribution

  3. In 2004, Estee Lauder began to establish several brands that are distributed through other companies, including the Kohl's department store cosmetics lines Flirt!, Eyes by Design, American Beauty and Daisy Fuentes. Estee Lauder teamed up with the upscale accessory line Coach for their line of fragrances and cosmetics.
  4. Professional Makeup Lines

  5. The company owns the cosmetics and skincare lines Prescriptives and Origins. Estee Lauder acquired makeup artist Bobbi Brown's professional makeup line, Bobbi Brown, in 1995, as well as the upscale M.A.C. Cosmetics in 1998.
  6. Skincare

  7. La Mer, a luxury skincare line known for its signature Crème de la Mer face cream, has been an Estee Lauder brand since 1995. The company also owns the Aveda and Jo Malone skincare and fragrance lines.
  8. Haircare

  9. Estee Lauder bought the rights to the New York-based haircare line, Bumble and bumble, in 2006.
  10. Fragrance Licenses

  11. The Estee Lauder company produces and distributes fragrances by the Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Tom Ford, Sean John and Michael Kors lines.
Lets talk about Aveda, This was an amazing concept for a company (in the beginning!) here's the short story....Man goes to India to detox from addiction and discovers Ayurveda he brings the concept back and apples it to a beauty line. we loved the concept. Now that Estee Lauder owns the company (which very few people know about) the product is drying and laden with fragrance, very much the opposite of "natural" and Ayurvedic principles. But the marketing didn't technically LIE because that was the concept that everyone got hooked on in the beginning. I call that a sneak attack.

OK, proudly owns 93% of our total cosmetics production, in my mind that translates to us as consumers not having much choice in things as we thought.....

CONSUMER PRODUCTS L'Oréal Paris Garnier Maybelline New York Softsheen.Carson CCB Paris
Lancôme Biotherm Helena Rubinstein Kiehl's Shu Uemura Giorgio Armani Ralph Lauren Cacharel Viktor & Rolf Diesel YSL Beauté
scary huh?


There are some great independent company's still out there, but they are a rare thing unfortunately.

Chanel, Davines, Phyto, Dermalogica are company's that i know didn't sell out, they also they run a independent lab and research.
Would you rather your dollars fund a global homogenization (less choices for us) or fund company's with a dedication to the research and progression in beauty

Before you buy really think about where you are putting your $$$$$! I prefer to invest in company's that use quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients rather than putting all of the investment into marketing then the quality of the product is crap...but they convinced you it wasn't.

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